Quality is a hallmark of our products. We are manufacturers and exporters of Reactive Dyes, Food Colours & Flavours.
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In recent years, we have seen enormous changes in the application of Flavours.
Rung International is a prominent name in the world of export and manufacture of a wide range of reactive dyes and food colours. The company has gone from strength to strength and become one of the significant players in its area of operation. The phenomenal growth has been possible for the variety and quality of its products.
Over the years, Rung International has carved a niche in the field of Dyestuffs.

Rung International has a product line to include wide range of dyestuffs like Reactive Dyes, Acid dyes, Acid Metal Complex dyes, Acid Mordant dyes, Acid TPM dyes, Pthalogen Dyes, Non-Benzidine Direct dyes etc., Food Colours & Flavours.